Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who has time to blog?

Ohhh, I am woefully behind in posting, I know. We are so busy right now. So, here's my week's worth of posts rolled up in one neat package...

The Kids
Embree got braces on her top, front teeth last week. She's adjusting, though is not thrilled. We've already been back once to replace an errant wire. On the bright side, she's brushing and flossing more than ever. Oh, this could be the beginning of that little thing called "personal hygiene" for her!

(Sorry - no picture - she made me promise!)

Reeves went to the allergist last week to try to figure out just what we have to deal with here. It seems he has NO FOOD ALLERGIES after all, which is a big relief. Some of his issues could be digestive in nature, and still may need attention, but no allergies. He is, however, allergic to our cat, our hamster, the horses at the farm, molds, dust, most grasses, and pretty much every deciduous tree on the planet. I guess my dreams him becoming a world famous arborist have been dashed! :)

Brice...well, Brice has come into his own since he's been three...all three weeks of it! He's sure of what we wants (even when he's not sure of what he wants) and have become quite the vocalist. His vocabulary and use of sentences have blossomed...but they just aren't keeping up with his little brain and it can get frustrating for him at times. Still no interest in the potty, other than to tell me when he MUST be changed. My ultimate plan is to spend the first two weeks of the summer at the farm...outside...with a potty chair...and no more diapers!

My Creative Outlet
So, I am part of The Artistic Mothers Art Group. I am supposed to be taking a bit of time for myself each day to do these group projects. So far, I have completed one. I know I need to take some time to be creative, but I just feel pressured. I stare at my art table from the work area of the kitchen and wonder if I will ever have time? It's not that I am not spending some time on creative outlets. I am in the midst of directing a play. A large portion of the time I would have to create visual art is being spent at rehearsals, preparing blocking notes, or answering questions from the cast through emails. I received an email from the Art Group Administrator encouraging me to find the time for myself to work on our projects...what little I've done has not been posted. At this point, though I will be behind, I will have to work here and there with the goal more time in the the farm in the mountains...where creativity flows more easily and I can breathe. The count down is on!

Something I have created...

The Great Outdoor Challenge
Finally, we've fully embraced the Great Outdoor Challenge over at 5 Orange Potatoes! That's where a lot of my person time has gone...we are spending hours outside each day! We are spending so much time outdoors that I  haven't had a moment to blog about it in over a week. Since my last post, we have viewed outdoor art in downtown Cincinnati, walked the same trail from last weeks ASL class again, planted our garden, set up an outdoor learning space where we've been having school, played in public spaces on campus where my husband works, run through the sprinkler with a friend, and toured the local Japanese garden with our ASL/Science teacher. While I attribute our success at getting outside to my need to complete the challenge, I can't deny the pull of this gorgeous weather, and the decidely wonderful fact that we have been without television for over a week now! What a great decision!

So, we'll keep being playful and creative. Our presence here may be scarce, but only because we are painting a mural on the sidewalk or chasing chattering squirrels. We'll be outside, if you are wondering...maybe in a creek somewhere...won't you join us?


Sarah said...

You ARE being creative directing a play. You should post pictures of rehearsal for your artistic mom project. Plus, helping your little ones think of ways to be creative...that is creative! In my mind you are more than meeting every challenge. Great pictures, too. Can I come to the farm with you this summer? I'll be really quiet, I'll be the one hanging out with the horses from morning until night! Oh, as if. One can dream.

Backroad Mama said...

Thanks Sarah,
I am just a perfectionist! You are welcome to come to the farm! Rachel came last summer for a few days. If you're up for a road trip, you are welcome.

5orangepotatoes said...

Poor little guy and his allergies! That really stinks.

So your close to cincy? We are on the cincy side of dayton. Close?

I agree, the weather has been AMAZING!It sure is hard to find time to come in and post; but I'd much rather you guys be outside than you inside posting!


nocton4 said...

what a great post, loving the pinkie picture .. well done you xx
Great out-door time, enjoy x