Thursday, April 29, 2010

How's the backroad these days?

Have you been on the backroad laltely? I love the backroad when it's a winding, two-laner through the mountains, past farms with handmade signs advertising eggs for sale. Where it's safe to stop and lend a speedy hand to a turtle trying to make it across...that's the road for me. 

I'd rather avoid the interstate. It's quick, yes, but it's all the same scenery. The rest stops are predictable and the signs advertise the same choices from state to state. No variety (yet, no surprises) and I'm not a routine-oriented gal. They serve there purpose...reaching the destination...ignoring the journey.

But...there's always the four-lane backroad. The one that tricks you into thinking your journey will be smooth because there are miles of forest and farms...little white churches and produce stands. Then the towns appear. The ones where the journey is slowed by ten or twelve stoplights...the ones that lead past empty store fronts...the ghost towns created by the Big Boxes. These backroads don't completely hinder the trip, but the trip is slower, sometimes there's nothingness where there used to be life. Sometimes there's the best meal ever. Sometimes the road is closed, but it's for a parade, or because someone is moving a double wide through the narrow city blocks. But, it's interesting...and the journey is important because lack of attention can land you headed the wrong way. This back road can be the most challenging, and most rewarding, route.

Today, we are on the interstate...have been for a little while now. We are headed toward the backroads...but our time here will be long. We are focused on the destinations only. The destinations are lovely...finishing up our studies for the year, producing a play, summer vacation at the farm...but we are on that final stretch that seems to last forever. The part where there are no rest fruit decent radio stations. It's manageable, but a little too routine...and the next mile is a little too much like the last one.

Wait...there's an exit that we always pass because we are focused on getting somewhere. It isn't far off the road and won't hinder our progress for too long...I'm taking the detour. I'm stopping to make a take a enjoy a short adventure on the backroad today. We'll still get there and we'll see you when we do.

Happy travels!

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