Monday, April 19, 2010

Great Outdoor Challenge - Japanese Garden

Our wonderful ASL/Science teacher took us on another outdoor field trip this week to Yuko-En, the Japanese friendship garden here in Georgetown. The International Kite and Culture Festival was coming up, and a delegation from our sister city of Tahara, Japan was on it's way to join the festivities. The Garden was in great shape for the weekend, and in bloom to welcome her guests.
We began the tour learning about the cane growing at the entrance. While it is meant to represent Bamboo of Asia, this type id actually native to Kentucky. It was used for spears, fishing poles, basket weaving, torch making, and food. Indispensable!

The Redbuds were in their glory.

Reeves, who picks out any shred of vegetable in his dinner, found the Red Bud blossoms quite tasty.

The kids found several of these pods (the name excapes me) that contain spores that are deadly to apple trees. Reminded them of aliens!
Mrs. Jawanna helped the kids locate small fossils in the rocks. Brice was so excited that there might be "dinosaur bones."

Dear one, on the path of life, take the time to stop and notice the little details.

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