Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Outdoors Challenge Day 2 (and Tuesday 30 minute blog challenge)

Continuing the Great Outdoors Challenge, today we spent time outdoors finishing our schoolwork, playing dinosaurs, watching the bats come out at dusk. Brice even took another short snooze today.

It's been beautiful weather and we are all more content, more dirty, and more ready for bed than usual. We are using our porch and our yard...really, we spend so much time at our cabin in the woods during good weather that we forget to use our "city" yard. It's nice to remember.

Interested in the other folks who have joined the outdoor challenge?

Tuesday 30 minute blog challenge...can you complete a blog in 30 minutes or less and get back to your life? Once a week...maybe more? Tonight: 18 minutes!

See you tomorrow!

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