Monday, April 19, 2010

Great Outdoor Challenge - Kite Festival

This weekend was the 
International Kite and Culture Festival 
here in Georgetown.
I love this festival. It's very small, but the food isn't the usual fair food. There's Hispanic, India, Chinese, and Native American fare. The souvenier tents sell fair trade and cultural items. Yes, there's a bouncy house and gem mining...but for the most part it's a festival where most all of the participants are like-minded...there for one fly a kite!

We bought these beautiful butterfly kites from a man who barely spoke English, but who knew enough of the language to laugh at me when I offered to save him some time and put them together myself. When I tried to take them apart at the end of the day I understood his laugh.

We never did get them off the ground. Not enough wind...too much wind...too heavy? Not sure, but it was fun trying and the bouncy house made up for the disappointment!

Watching the other kites was almost as fun as trying our own.
And in the end the day spent outdoors in the sunshine, with our whole family together (which is rare) was the best part of all.

If you haven't done so in a while...go fly a kite!
Happy Monday!

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