Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013::this frog is in hot water

My husband tells the story of a frog, or some such animal, in a pot of water. When it jumps in the water is cold. Then the water begins to get hot little by little and before the frog notices, it is truly in "hot water." That has been the story of us moving out of the South. We didn't just up and leave our Southern Appalachian homes. We've spread it out slowly over our 22 year marriage.

Our first move from our home state of North Carolina was to Virginia. Now, Virginia is firmly a part of the South, but directionally north of our roots. Then, we moved a little north and a little west to Kentucky. Some folks here believe this is still the South. Let me just tell you there is a 50/50 chance of getting unsweetened tea here if you just ask for iced tea. That ain't the South.

Now, we are moving more northwesterly, to Indiana. It's not the North, but the Midwest...certainly not the South.

Now, don't begin to get me wrong. I am in no way a Rebel Flag waving Southerner. I would most certainly have fled North in the Civil War...or found a calling in the resistance somehow. I am far more liberal than most of my Southern family, except my parents. I am not lamenting the move from anything  akin to the Old South. We have adjusted to the subtle differences of moving 2-4 hours north each time we resettle. We have learned to look forward to and relish the cultural differences. That's, for us, one of the best things about moving.

All this time, we have adjusted well, but now we find ourselves in proverbial "hot water."
Each move north has made the location of a family favorite just a little more difficult...

Duke's Mayonnaise. 

Yes, our family is in hot water because they do not sell Duke's Mayonnaise in Indiana!! 

I shouldn't be upset. As much as I try to feed us whole, healthy food, this doesn't really fit our nutritional goals. This condiment is just something that we've allowed to stay in our fridge. During our visits to Kokomo, we have tried at least three other brands, and everyone complains.

Embree asked me today, as she finished off the last jar, if we were planning to take a case with us. She is serious. I think we all are serious!

So, if you are reading this from somewhere in or near the South, and you are planning a trip to see the Gambills in Kokomo, especially in years to come, I have a request...


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