Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26, 2013::the cat's worst nightmare

So, we tranquilized the cat and brought her to Kokomo on Wednesday. She never did sleep, but mewed pitifully the whole trip. We got her here and put her in the empty laundry room with her litter box, food, and bed. She sniffed around the doors, dryer vent hole and closet, but was happy mostly to hide in her kennel. The next morning, Todd woke me early and said we had a problem. As we went into the laundry, he said the cat was either dead or dying. The dryer vent hole is in the floor. Her head and shoulders were crammed in the hole and she was stock still. Todd touched her and she didn't move. He was all to pieces. I walked over to see if I could pick her up and he said, "Don't pick her up, you'll rip her head off!!" I picked her up easily and she lifted her head and said, "Mee-$&@-Ow!! I wake up from a hangover with my head stuck in a hole in someone else's house and all you can do is laugh? Hiss!!" She didn't speak to us again until this morning.


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