Sunday, November 21, 2010

Very Interesting (Sunday Links)

This past week I've, of course, been thinking about what to serve Thanksgiving day. My list is long and abundant, as is traditional, with lots and lots of side dishes. Turkey is on the list, but low priority and I won't be cooking it (Thanks Mom!). If I had my way, we'd have favorite fall meal.

In the next few days, we will take advantage of the end of our grading period and spend lots of time exploring our own interests. I'm hoping someone in this house will join me to make a little drippy art or enjoy Aaron Copeland and Martha Graham. Maybe we'll try a new project after our fun felting lesson with Ms. Kathleen. Maybe we'll construct a tree in the classroom. Who knows what we'll get into?

This year, we've adopted a science-everyday philosophy...including multiple experiments each week. Embree has declared it her favorite subject (no surprise there, really). We have devoured our Earth Science curriculum and we will be finished before Christmas break. Looking over this list of new Science Trade Books for ideas for next semester. I'm thinking our first order of business will be to explore the Kerulos Center. This center conducts initiatives relative to animal abuse and trauma, loss of wildlife societies, and human disconnect from nature. A friend (Thanks Kristen) told us about it this week and it is of special interest to Embree. In a related note, we are planning a visit to Home At Last Animal Sanctuary next semester. I bet I know some friends who would like to join us!

Have a lovely holiday...stay out of trouble on Black Friday...and count your blessings!


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