Friday, November 12, 2010

Five Fun Things Fridays (Nov 5-11, 2010)

Five Fun Things We Did This Week

1. We attended the Savoy Opera, The Gondoliers, by Gilbert and Sullivan.
2. We stayed in our pajamas all day on Saturday.
3. The big kids attended an art opening and basketball game with Daddy.
4. We attended a lecture about reptiles at the Salato Wildlife Education Center and played in the leaves with friends afterwards.
5. We studied rocks and minerals in science and made edible igneous rocks (brittle), metamorphic rocks (rice krispie treats), and sedimentary/conglomerate rocks (haystacks). Then shared a lesson and some candy with our neighbors across the street.

Five Fun Things Fridays
Homeschooling is a huge undertaking. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. There are difficult moments; moments when we all think about a quiet retreat or a clean house. But homeschooling is  more often heartwarming and gratifying to all involved. Our goal in our little school is to remember why we do what we do and focus on the joys. A spoon full of sugar for those challenging moments!

Play along! Leave a comment with five fun things you did this week!
Happy Homeschooling!

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Rikki said...

1. We stayed in a hotel in Louisville just so we could swim
in the pool.
2. We made raingutter regata boats with a group a friends and sailed them down a raingutter.
3. We rode our bikes to Third St Stuff for bagels and hot chocolate.
4. We went to Falls of the Ohio on a perfect 72 degree and sunny Thursday with Dada.
5. We built and dropped egg drop contraptions at the park with friends.