Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

It’s time. It’s time to hit the ground running. It’s time to cross over into the school year. Most years I am thrilled with the beginning of school. I look forward to the corn reaching the so-called “elephant’s eye.” It means new beginnings. I like new beginnings. When I was teaching in public schools in NC, there were other signs. When the Joe Pye Weed and Iron Weed bloomed together it was usually time to begin.

My family lived on a college campus most of my childhood. I chose to be a teacher, and my husband is a college administrator. Even now, as a homeschooling parent and part-time faculty member, my life revolves around the academic year.

School supplies sales are like Christmas (I know, that’s a little weird, right?) I stock my own desk along with my kids’ boxes and we feel prepared to tackle it. I nest in our little school room. I still buy new shoes for the kids…even though they we do our lessons barefooted. And, I am energized to get up, make the bed, actually fix breakfast…I am happy to wake up early enough to have a quiet cup of coffee in a quiet house…to meditate a bit on the day ahead. I am ready.

 So, Fall is a beginning. It is the new year for me.

And it’s time…Happy New Year everyone.

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