Monday, July 5, 2010

Stuck in the mud...

Sometimes we live on the surface of life because we tend to collect things. In relationships there's baggage. In housekeeping there's clutter. In creativity there's the muckity mud that slows the ideas. In daily life there's so much scheduled that it all gets mired into one undefined lump of matter. There's so much clutter...too much to deal with in a busy life. 

  • When we are at the farm we have less clothing and it's easier to keep up with laundry. 
  • We have fewer toys and it is easier to clean up. 
  • I am not stressed out about company coming because it takes all of 30 minutes for a real difference. 
  • We have less space, so we spend our time out of doors...which leads to less mess and less need for things to keep us occupied. 
  • We have fewer commitments so we tend to spend time engaged as a family instead of going through the motions. 
  • We have more time for friends and family...more meaningful visits and more time to sit for hours and talk. 
  • Even the emails exchanged with friends I miss from home are more about relationships; less about wading through the details. 

When we are here I am happy to do, happy to be, happy to have fewer things to deal with. When I am at home, the clutter...the clothes, the school books, the toys, the dishes, the dust bunnies take over...I can't relax because there's always so much clutter to deal with that it's in the murky depths of the back of my mind.

How can I transfer this life to that life? 
How can I intermingle the two so that this doesn't feel like two lives? say no to things and commitments and negative emotions?
...say yes to people and creativity and love?

How do you make this happen in your own life?
Namaste, Jeannie


Kimberley said...

I'm not always successful, but when I am it's because I set an intention, take a good objective look at what I want life to be like and what would need to change to make it so. And then the tricky part for me: Don't go about making the changes with a stressed-out-gotta-do this-perfectly-and -everybody-must do-as-I-say-attitude. Making gradual changes, finding ways to enlist the support of others in the household - it all adds up after a while. Wishing you happy changes!

Backroad Mama said...

Thanks Kimberley...I always take your writing to heart. Have a lovely week.

christina said...

Stumbled upon your blog and found myself at this post..which was the topic of conversation between my husband and I last night. I do not have another house, only this one that stresses me out and is filled with clutter and a disorganized life. We moved here a year ago in a mad crazy unorganized way (not intentional at all) But since then it has been a struggle to make it our home, to make it simple and minimalist, yet make it cozy. We do not have that much stuff, we just seem to live with all of things OUT in plain sight! I think the biggest thing I am realizing is to live each day with intent and purpose. To free from your house and your life the things that weigh you down, that bring you down, that cause strife. Whether it's a person, a commitment, or just simply saying "NO". it is a struggle but one I am standing firm on to commit too. So that I can be free from the daily stresses of my life to focus more freely on the good, happy things

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