Monday, July 19, 2010


When taking photographs one uses a lens to block out or heighten properties of light. 

A lens can be used to change light so that it appears differently than without that lens. 

People use metaphorical lenses all the time. The way we view the world is skewed by our attitudes, expectations, and experiences. 

My question is...does using a lens on a camera automatically make that photograph less real? 

Do the lenses we place on our own view of the world make our experiences less authentic?

Sometimes the use of a lens in a bright setting helps control the light so that images become more clear. Sometimes, however, lenses can change the color completely... making a cloudy day appear sunny and vice versa. 

Personal lenses can help us see the 
best in others. 
They also can help us hide from the truth.

Are all lenses attachments? 
In order to free ourselves from suffering 
by severing attachments, 
are we to rid our eyes from all lenses? 

Or is it enough to acknowledge the feeling these attachments bring...stop fighting them violently and just acknowledge and move on...try to see it differently next time?

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