Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Parenting Tip #203 (30 minute blog challenge)

Always buy your kid 
ice cream after he has to 
have blood work done. 

I know, I know...food does not equal love...at least it shouldn't. But, my boy is so limited in what he can eat and today we began what may prove to be a battery of tests and doctor appointments to try to determine the causes. This is the child who, a few months ago, would have run screaming or curled up under the counter in the hospital lab at the first sign of anxiety. Instead, today he sat in the chair and sobbed quietly while they drew five LARGE vials of blood. Then...he asked for ice cream. How could I deny him? 

Wish us luck in the coming weeks...he has a lot coming his way.


Momeena (Juanita) said...

Oh...poor boy!!! Tell him I will buy him ice cream too!!

Mandy said...

oh...your poor little man...hope all goes well for him...hugs to you too because its pretty tough as a mummy to go through all this....i am in trudys group too...sorry i didn't have you on my list and haven't vissited,,,but you are now...looking forward to hearing good results!!!xxx

Sarah said...

Poor little guy. Food does equal love in some ways! It is a great natural soother...everyone needs a little ice cream once in awhile. I hope you all get some helpful results!

JulieG said...

He has come so far and he is precious. Give that boy a big kiss for me and tell him Aunt Julie loves him. I expect him to say..."Hewo I know" like he did at the beach.