Monday, March 22, 2010

Backroad Meal Planning

I have never been the type to prefer fast food over a quaint cafe or home cooked meal; but there are days I would just love to, say, pull through a drive through between co-op, rehearsal, errands, and class!

Three of the five of us in our family make meals a real challenge. Between my daughter, oldest son, and me we have two vegetarians, a nut allergy, a gluten allergy, a probable intolerance to dairy, and one who hates chocolate (for shame!). As my husband says, that leaves meat and vodka! Well, for two of us that leaves vodka and one can't live by vodka alone!

So, the wheat thing is a repeat for the little guy, but it's so much harder than the vegetarian or nut thing! I'm just beginning the process of weaning us all from so many gluten-heavy foods...and I just learned to make really good bread...darn!

My daughter's birthday party last week was fun!
For her: Chocolate, chocolate chip muffins - from scratch to ensure to nuts present, but laden with gluten and chocolate!
For him: Rice Krispie Treats - no gluten, but gelatin in the marshmallows, so not vegetarian
For me and a friend allergic to dairy - a vegan apple cake

I long for an organic, vegetarian, allergy-free bakery and drive-through! !

So, my mission is to come up with allergy-free recipes that allow all of us to eat the same meals (with only slight personal modifications) and accomodates our busy lives.

I'll keep you the meantime all suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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Julie said...

It sounds like you have a new business idea, but it certainly wouldn't go over here in Lincolnton. Maybe Boone. LOL! Geoff Hurdles's girlfriend Amber is allergic to gluten and they love to cook gourmet food every night. You might want to send him a message and ask for suggestions. Love you.