Friday, June 5, 2015

There is something about summer...a feeling...that is reserved for now. Since our oldest was a toddler, we've intentionally planned slow summers. They have been restorative and meaningful for our family. As we've moved further away from our "summer place" in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, that physical time away from chaos has grown shorter and shorter. This year, it will be a brief week.

The kids are involved in more this summer than ever before, yet we still long for that "summer" we've cherished for so long. It is a place, for sure, but more than that, it is a feeling. Have we had enough practice living in that feeling in years past to create it at home?

I think it is more than happiness. It's a sense of peace, a sense of sacred, a sense of freedom, and one of nonstriving. It is intention and contentment. It's the way we wish to spend each moment of our time.

My intention and practice for #ourbackroadsummer.

Today, a little knitting and Pandora

And a shady spot in the garden.

Summer is here today.
Wishing you that feeling today too.

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Bee Lady said...

I love your backyard area. And I love this blogpost. It seems that Summer's for me have been so crazy busy for years, I don't even know how to slow down. But you have given me a goal for this summer. Carefree Summer's remind me of when I was a child. We didn't enroll in every activity offered. We ran around barefoot, caught lightening bugs, played baseball with the neighbor kids.....oh I long for those days. The boy's mom always enrolled them in a lot of activities. Then there was the community garden, and house building...and all of it at the same time. This going to be different. I'm going to refer back to this post.
If you have time, blog some more! I'm finding a little more time ( now and then) for reading blogs.
I'm inspired!
Cindy Bee