Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan 21, 2015::tiny studio

Since I can remember, if someone asked me what do I want most I have had one abiding thought...a studio. 

Of course, a studio ranks after health, contentment, and world peace, but it plays a huge part in my own health, contentment, and inner peace. Twice in my adult life, I have had a studio. A room of my own where I can leave projects in progress and come and go at leisure. A place where others in the family are welcome, but is usually quiet and comfortable, is my greatest material desire.

In recent years, that space has been shared by homeschool curriculum and books, books, books. Fine, and fun, but not peace and quiet and creativity. When we picked up and moved to Indiana, we decided to go for a smaller house. Still five of us living and learning together, just less space to do so. Studio on hold again.

In response to tighter quarters, I have picked up the habit of working on writing and projects in early morning quiet. All the kids are late sleepers, so I usually get a couple of solid hours of thinking time, but dragging supplies out of the garage every morning...not so motivating. 

Periodically, over the eighteen months we have lived here, I have wandered the house looking for inspiration for a studio space. Where can I put a table and my supplies? Where can I do that and still have some semblance of order? Well, surprise! No studio loft appeared! 

What did appear, though, was this magical wardrobe. One day, it caught my eye. No fur coats and lamppost. We have stored knock knacks and yoga mats in here for years. A nice prop room for changing up seasonal tables, but a lot of wasted space. 

Oh, now...it is a magical place for me. My tiny studio storage space full of possibility. I still have to work on the dining room table, but it's like a candy store, calling my name every time I walk by...make something...come on...open the door...you know you want to...


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