Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan 20, 2015::Gambills take DC

Our holiday break, and subsequent holiday travels, started early this year. The kids, and dogs, and I left Kokomo on Dec 15 for my parents' house in Tennessee. Todd flew to Washington, DC on Dec 17 for business and we decided to accompany him. But first, we needed to drop off the dogs and Christmas gifts with my dad, and pick up my mother and mother-in-law, who both joined in on the adventure.

The 17th began well, with plans to meet Mom's college roommate for lunch in Staunton, VA. About thirty miles from the exit I started hearing strange sounds from the engine and smelled the unmistakable stench of antifreeze. By the time we pulled into the restaurant, it was clear that a visit to the dealer was necessary. So, the moms and kids stayed behind to eat pie and I sat in the dealership lobby, watching. Bonanza and Adam12 for three hours. Finally, after learning that Todd and. I would be buying each other a new radiator for Christmas, I rented another van and hauled the crew on to DC. What a way to start the trip!!

Once we arrived in DC, the fun began in earnest. We walked and walked, and saw as much as we could possibly see in the two and a half days we had there. That seems to be our MO...never do a field trip half-way. I think I learned that from my Dad. Wish he could have accompanied us. Next time, Poppy!!

A little Adam-12 at the repair shop.

DC Day 1

National Botanical Garden to see the trains

The Capitol, Supreme Court, and Library of Congress were on the list as well

Air and Space Museum

The sculpture garden

And the Mall

Where are George and Ringo?

Natural History Museum

Back to the Capitol

DC Day 2

White House Visitor Center

And the White House

The War Memorials

And the Lincoln Memorial ( "Hamriham Lincoln" Brice)

And the Washington Monument

A little break and on to...

The American History Musem

DC Day 3

National Gallery before heading back to TN


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