Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014::nearly three months

Wow! It has been nearly three months since I last posted. 

A combination of too busy and too unsure of my own direction has caused me to go so long with nothing to say. Recently, I found myself looking at posts from years past. This blog used to be such a good record of our family history. I especially appreciate seeing the great adventures we've had homeschooling. 

It's been a very frustrating school year, so far, and I need some of that great adventure to remind me why we have taken on this awesome responsibility. I need reassurance when there are tears, and hair pulling, and gnashing of teeth...all on my part. There are so many wonderful, teachable, rewarding moments. There are so many successes. It is so easy to let the frustrations take the focus away from the damn wonderful-ness of being in my children's lives. 

So, I am recommitting to this space, just for my sanity and for future reminiscing. 
It will not be a place to work through the hard moments. It won't be a space for self doubt. There's plenty of that in the wee hours of the morning.

No, this will be the space I come back to when all of those things take over and I need to be reminded. 

A space for gratitude
A space for beauty
A space for "this is wonderful and wanderful"
A space to remember all the things that make this backroad special.
In the end, it's the small moments of gratutude that make happy memories.


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