Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Days 10-16

I have been wondering, lately, if I can really keep this blog going. I don't like to do thinks half-way. Each time I try to put myself on a schedule something takes precedence. Homeschooling...directing...teaching...meals...daily errands...those things leave little time for anything else...I mean anything. I don't even have time to get out the camera most days. But, I like having a place to record our days, even if I only get to it periodically. I have no idea if we have readers, but it's at the very least a place to save memories. So, on that note...

Day 10: I am thankful for a place to come to without restrictions to record our family's swiftly flying time together.
Day 11: I am thankful for my sweet girl, who lives life in the most dramatic way possible and squeezes every emotion from her experiences. She's fearless in so many ways and my hero is so many more.
Day 12: I am thankful for the soft spoken boy who is always first to rise and always the first with a hug each morning. He has no idea of his tremendous capabilities or the depth of his loving heart.
Day 13: I am thankful for my youngest boy who commands attention every waking hour, but pays attention to those who need his special brand of comfort. He is a joy and a challenge...a most rewarding person to spend time with each day.
Day 14: For my love, I am thankful always...there are just no words large enough.
Day 15: I am thankful for the ability spend so much time with my children. This chance to learn with them is such a gift and I am fully aware of how lucky I am.
Day 16: I am thankful for friends who are welcome in my home anytime...clutter, dirty dishes, piles of unfolded laundry on the bed or not...they come for our company, not to judge. Better yet, I am able to give them the gift of welcoming them into my home as is...and that is rare. Thanks Girls!

Finally, because I may not get back here for a few days...
Photos of a recent nature study outing to a dear friend's lovely garden.



momeena said...

Jeannie....did you draw that picture?!?!?!

Backroad Mama said...

Yes...just having a little fun.