Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Calendar 2011

I am not a big believer in advent calendars that are about getting treats every day until Christmas. I want the run up to Christmas to be filled with giving, not getting. Don't get me wrong, I love giving my kids gifts. I love their faces and my own anticipation waiting for Christmas morning. But, I want them to feel that joy at giving too.

Last year, each day of advent, we opened up small boxes with tasks of giving or sharing with someone else. It was a joyful time each morning when we opened the box to see what we'd be doing for others that day. We will continue that spirit of giving this year, with each of us working on a list of holiday tasks that we'll accomplish before Dec. 25.

But this year our advent calendar will be different. Beginning Dec. 1, we will be tasked with taking a different photo each day. Each of the kids and I will take a photo of our interpretation of the day's theme. Then, we will share it with this year we are sharing of ourselves. We might even learn something about each other that we don't know. I'm sure the photos will be interesting! 

Though we will draw themes from each pocket in our calendar, this project is our version of the December Photo Project over at View From The Prairie Box. Click on the button on the right to get all the details. Join us or join The December Photo Project! Feel free to post your own photos on your own blog and link back in the comments section there or here or both. We'd love it!

See you December 1!

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