Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Year in Review

Today is our last required say of school for this academic year. We will continue Math and Reading through the summer and I have some fun Science and Engineering activities planned. But the daily grind is over and we are all thankful for a little break. We'll be taking a real vacation from everything but reading for the rest of the month.

To commemorate the year, the big kids have each compiled a list of their favorite lessons. It's been a good year. I am happy with the progress we've made and with the memories we've tucked away.

5 Fun Things From School This Year.
By Reeves

1. Conner Prairie was the best, with piggies and 
little fuzzy goats.

2. Grammar was my favorite subject.

3. We marched for our mountains to stop mountain-top removal.

4. We went to see the Butterflies of Brazil.

5. Our fall trip to Asheville, NC was where 
I bought my monkey hat.

My Favorite Parts of the Year
By Embree

1. My cousins, my brothers, and I went to Butterflies of Brazil. There was a big room filled with flowers and lots of butterflies. There was a six in Blue Morpho Butterfly that 
rode on me the whole time.

2. Our family went to Conner Prairie. It was like life in the 1850s. There were two oxen named Blue and Red. 
Lots of people dressed in 1850s costume.

3. May favorite subject was Earth Science

4.I started guitar in October. My first song I learned was 
Twist and Shout by The Beatles.

5. Two of my favorite books were 
The Three Musketeers and Les Miserables.

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